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How long can a dog go without food?

Hi everyone,

My 12 year old dog Mickey's last meal was Thursday evening. Today is Sunday. Thursday past midnight he vomitted several times as well as Friday.He couldn't keep water down. I talked to a technician at the vet's office Friday night and Saturday morning and followed their advice: no food or water for 24 hours and then start giving bland food in very small amounts.

Mickey's last vomit was Saturday morning; it was yellow bile. He can now drink water OK but doesn't want to eat at all. We even tried cheese and peanut butter but he wants nothing. He spends most of his time sleeping and doesn't have his usual energy. If he doesn't eat today I will call the vet tomorrow morning and hope they can find time for Mickey. On the phone, the tech told me he could have eaten something bad or maybe he caught some kind of flu bug in the air. We have no emergency vet services here. He hasn't eaten for 2½ days. Should I force him to eat something? How long can he fast before it become something to really worry about? At least he is drinking and urinating Ok.

Thanks for your replies.
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