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it didn't stop Kuma from wanting to see people, I'm just afraid that if I do bring him around anyone, he might bite
I, too, am really wondering why you think your dog will bite??

Jackie467, do not allow strangers to approach your dog and loom over her to pet her. The most important thing is that she must be confident that you will "protect" her. If she wants to go up to someone, let her do it. Otherwise, why is it important that she allow strangers to come up to her?

Some breeds can be timid, shy or aloof. You can socialize them to a certain point, but genetics often DO rule.

Small children frighten many dogs who have not grown up with them. Their shrieking and quick erratic moves make many dogs nervous. My last dog was this way with little kids, so I didn't let them do anything to frighten him.
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