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I don't want to hijack this thread but I seem to have a similar problem with Candi my Italian Greyhound. I know the breed is known for being timid but i would at least like to walk her around people. she never growls or makes any notion that she would bite, but she slowly backs away and trys to get as far from them as she can or hide behind me. she is especialy afraid of children, I have no idea why because since i got her when she was 12 weeks she has never been around a child unsupervised, so she has not been abused by one or anything. she is great with people that she sees all the time, except the children. the strange thing is that when our other dog is around (who loves everyone immediatly) and goes up to the people even children she is ok with them right away too. I'm having such a problem with this because when i walk her everyone always wants to pet her (I usualy let them if she seems ok enough with them, she lets me know by sniffing them on her own instead of running the other way why she selects certain people is beyond me and i can't find a link between the people she does like so i have no idea why) but the hard part is when we are walking and someone comes past she jumps on me and wants me to pick her up and carry her. I only do this if she seems really uneasy with them, otherwise i just make her walk around them. she is great with other dogs, loves them all immediatly and wants to play, just doesn't like people that much. my vet told me that is normal with this breed but i would still try to help her over come this. any ideas?
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