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7 week old pup nipping

Originally Posted by SaraiLovesLucy View Post
So im sure this has been posted b4 but i coulnt find a post similar to my problem

My beautiful 7week old puppy has taken to biting and growling ppl. She attacks my feet and pant legs and when i tell your "no!" she just bites down harder. My hands and feet look like i have just bought "the kitten from hell".. im all scratched up and i just dont know what to do to make her stop. I tried just putting her on "time out" to calm down but as soon as i let her out she is at it again! I tried grabing her snout and holding it shut while i say "no bite" but she just screams like im hurting her... ( Im not grabbing her hard at all.. i love her and would never hurt her) . I also just tried getting her to let go and saying "no bite"and giving her something else to chew on lke a toy that way she gets the idea that she needs to bite those not me. The problem seems to be getting worse. I know puppys bite and nip but she does it HARD and she growls at the same time...IF i pick her up to calm her down she just wiggles and growls and tries to bite... ( she has bitten my face and my chest.. not very fun)

Any advice?
I recently had the same problem with my 7 week old lab. An artcle I read said that puppies that are removed from the litter less than 9 weeks old have a greater chance of nipping. They say that the puppies while still in the litter learn not to nip because when they do nip each other the one being nipped yelps and goes and hides. This results in the dog doing the nipping in not having anyone to play with in the litter.
They suggest that when the dog nips you that you yelp! loud! and leave the pup alone for several minutes. The pup will learn that nipping results in loss of play time. I tried this and in 2 days I had the nipping under control!
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