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No we have not gotten another dog yet. Right now we still have one of our cats (her sister died last year just before Yukon), and our 12 year-old husky Tundra. He has liver cancer, so we are hoping to have as much time with him as possible. As for our other cat, she will be fifteen this year, so I know our time will be limited with her as well.
I know some people must think that with all the death that will be in our family that we would be completely done with animals. It is a devastating loss, and with two small children in our house why would we even think it.
But KiChien, I can't imagine not having our house without a dog or cat. It seems like something is missing without our Yukon and Sweetpea. Our children are also learning so much with our animals, unconditional love, patience, gratitute, and so much more.
Fifteen years ago I loss my childhood cat to old age, and it was so hard. I didn't want another cat to replace her, she was amazing, perfect. The next day my husband went to the animal shelter, and asked me to just look at the one of the two kittens there. I just went to look for him, and ended up in love with both.
We do plan on getting another dog when the vet bills for Yukon are paid for, not to replace our boy, but to Honor him, and share our love for another dog who will need it as much as he did.
I hope this helps a little, and spoil your girl as much as your can.
Take care,
Yukon's Mom
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