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While we are on the subject, i'm at my wits end.... As most of you know I have a GSD and he's now 20 months old. When he was a baby, I would take him to work with me because I worked 12 hour shifts, and the people there were awesome, they would take turns taking him outside for his rest etc... this happened till he was 8 months old, but then my shifts changed, I was taking him to obedience classes but I had to stop them for two reason #1 and foremost, I had to go for abdominal surgery and #2 the trainers were very impatient with my dog. Now I try to walk him every day but in the morning before I go to work, when I walk him around people, he cries like he's being hit because he wants to see people.
When I was in training, he did the same thing, crying because he wanted to play and the trainer would yell at us. Although telling him this is why i'm here and paying him to help me, stopped his yelling, it didn't stop Kuma from wanting to see people, I'm just afraid that if I do bring him around anyone, he might bite... A muzzle will be purchased for that reason, but how do I get him to stop crying... I even tried distraction by changing my direction of our walk, and walk the other way but he looks back.. It's almost like his lil heart's breaking...
Someone please HELP STOP THE MADNESS !!!
" In dog years, I'm dead !" ! "
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