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Originally Posted by bengalca View Post
We have a bengal tiger, 5 yrs, that has a huge prey instinct and basically hunts down and kills anything smaller than him and even some three foot tall raccoons. Wewant to get a dog but don't want the cat to hurt the dog or the dog to hurt the cat. We were aiming for a puppy. The dog has to be family friendly. Is this a pipe dream? The vet suggested a pug but we are afraid the cat would stalk it and kill it. We would like a medium sized dog.Any suggestions?
You have a Tiger and you want a dog. And you're concerned the dog might hurt the cat, or visa versa. Are you kidding?

Why not a Bear? The two would be able to hold thier own should one get hungry and start looking at the other.

I would someday like to have a tiger as a pet, but that is going to wait until I no longer live on a planet full of sinful humans which has caused animals to eat eachother for food. Your tiger doesnt belong with you as a pet. What happens if children come around? Or if he gets loose off your property and decides to eat at the local playground?

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