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I know pitbulls who are very loving, gentle, and loyal, as well as protective. I also know other dog breeds who are the same.

It is the way they are RAISED. That determines the type of dog a dog turns out to be. A dog, just like a child, knows what a sense of fairness is. If you need to 'discispline' a dog, the best way to do this is to REDIRECT them, causing their attention to go to something else. Children tend to be the same way.

Lets face it, having a dog/cat/any pet is just like having a two year old around all the time.

If a pet is treated with love, that is what they learn and know.

Pitbulls have gotten a bad rep because of the cruel humans who train them to fight. And once that cruelty has been forced upon the animal, that is how they react. The animal has no choice in the matter. It's the humans who do this to them that need to be "put down". Unfortunately, once an animal has been trained to be such, they need to be put down. And yet, the humans who do this to them are allowed to continue to live.


I was recently surrounded by three pitbulls and one german shepard. I was walking my 6 month old puppy Flower, whose mother is half golden retriver and half chow, and whose father is half great dane and half saint bernard after I got home from work (11pm). Flower went into full protective mode and chased off all four large dogs who had surrounded us and were circling us both away. Flower and I were not hurt by the dogs, but their intension was clear with their growling and teeth barred. In the process, my shoulder now has a torn rotator cuff, but we both are safe.

Two days later that same dog pack attacked a postman and they have sense been rounded up and beheaded to test for rabies.

I dont understand people who let their dogs roam or dump them on the side of the road.

You might think me radical in my thinking, but if a dog who is owned by human who trains them to be ficious and that dog has to be killed to protect society, then the human who trains them to be as such needs to be killed by injection too. Otherwise, they will continue to train dogs to be cruel. To stop it, the humans responsible for this need to die too.
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