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Can't stop the bleeding and fear the worse

Hi all, I have been searching the internet for answers to my dogs problem. When I read this thread I started to cry. I think my dog has the same problem, but by the sounds of what you are all describing, I fear the worse for my poor dog.
She is a 12yr old Cross Yorkie/Maltese.
She started sneezing a lot every morning about 6-8months ago,no blood just a lot of sneezing.
About 3-4 months ago I came home to a blood bath, it looked as though my 2 dogs had torn each other apart. Blood on the walls, furniture splatters etc just as you all described. I couldnt figure out where it came from until a month later when I saw her sneeze up blood, splattering it all over. I called the vet and they said it was probably a reaction to a nasal vacine that she had recieved recently.
From then it would happend periodically, the bleeding would start and then stop. this was alarming but according to my vet was nothing to worry about.
This last weekend was the worse. I came home to the biggest blood bath you can imagine, on the walls, bed, couch and all over the dog. I immedidately called my vet and he said just put an icepack and bring her in on monday. Well it happened again that evening and 2 more times before monday. then again on monday morning before I took her to the vet.
The vet did the blood tests and all was normal except for the high calcium count which I knew about from previous tests.
He gave her a vitamin K shot and said it should help the clotting. well it didn't, that evening the same thing,and each time it would a worse spill and take longer to stop.
Today I came in to find my bed looking like someone had given birth on it. There was so much blood. I called the vet and he has scheduled a nasal scope for tomorow, its still bleeding on and off now. I asked him if she could bleed out from the nose, and he said no. From the quantity of blood that comes out I tend to disagree.
I think she will be ok for the evening I hope.
However from reading all your posts, I am feeling very dispondent about her chances? Is it allways cancer?
Has anyone here been thru this condition and actually managed to save thier dog?
I suppose I am hoping that I am that one case that gets to keep his dog?

Its breaking my heart to read how you all had to stand by and watch your beloved pet pass. Each time I get to the part where puppypwr states "That evening we took him to the vet, and held him tight until after he took his last breath.
" I just cant read on, I have to stand up and walk away or I will just cry all night. I'm a grown man and I feel like I am loosing my child!

I just hope and pray that she will not bleed any more tonite and that the scope tomorow morning will be against all odds and tell me that there is just a bug stuck up there.

thanks for listening and if you have any advice I would greatly appreciate it. especially tips on how to stop the bleeding.


Loosing my baby
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