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Well I noticed that my *******'s has been selling kittens for about the last year or so, they look well taken care of at the store but I am sure are coming from a BYB or just an irresponsible pet owner. They sell them for about $20, but they say the cat is free, you are paying for the 'starter' kit, and the kittens are dewormed (no doubt with something from the store). I have been buying my cat food there for years and they have always had fish and birds but not kittens. The kittens are not always available but I have seen them about 3 or 4 times this year (which made me think BYB). I went to check out and found that they advertise there that they do not sell Cats or dogs and instead encourage you to visit your local shelter. So, I started calling the main office, got transferred twice and have now left a message for someone and await a call back.

There is another store here in the falls at Niagara Square called **** and I am positive that they are dealing with Mills and/or BYB, the animals they have there look so sad and poorly taken care of, but the up side is it seems to be the only one of its kind here in the falls. The others here and in St. Catherines only adopt out their critters and are often in association with a rescue or foster organization.

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