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Strike my last comment I did comment on a few pics - phew...okay, okay, admin is losing it move along

Rottielover - sweet pic - finally pulling for a good reason
Luckypenny - sweet shots - I love it when they purposefully put on the 'pathetic' face when they want something
Busterboo - I love how in shot 3 Buster is crashed out on the chair from his hangover.
Amatazes - very funny shot! well done!
aslan - That's funny - they must love you so much - they are on top of you
14+kitties - uhhh your guard kitty looks scared - not the ferocious protector cutey shot though!
Breeze - should be the easiest resolution to keep thus far - what a cutey. hey there's a resolution she CAN keep. - To always look like a cutie!

Great work everyone - got more?
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