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A cat with a taste for clothing. HELP!

My girlfriend and I got an adorable 1 year old Siamese from the shelter about two months ago. For the first month and a half or so she behaved perfectly and was a total angel.
Over winter break (we are college students), my girlfriend took her cat home with her for a few weeks to meet the family. We knew that cats dont like new environments, but she is an extraordinarily patient cat, and while we were there she seemed totally at ease and content, albeit a bit bored.

Since we've been back at school though she has acquired quite the bad habit. She is constantly trying to eat our clothes, she has eaten a giant hole in one of my sweaters, significant pieces of many socks, the pockets out of my sweatpants, and anything else she can get her mouth on.
Don't worry, we have talked to the vet and are carefully monitoring her poop, so far she has been passing all of the cloth she eats, and there is no blockage, but we are worried something will happen. How can we stop this behavior?

We are forced to confine her to the bedroom when we aren't around so that she doesn't destroy the rest of the house, but I think that is making her even more depressed, which is leading to more bad behavior. What can we do?
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