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So far so good, Duffy feels great, she's eating great loves her raw & she seems to be peeing a little less than before this means her urine is concentrating better

Since I've mentioned them in other threads these are the supplements she's on PB8 capsules (open & mix into food) it's yogurt based so appealing to them. Duffy was prescribed 1 capsule twice daily - 1 in breakfast & 1 in dinner.

She was also prescribed Standard Process Feline Renal Support and Standard Process Feline Whole Body Support these are all natural supplements that include bovine colustrum an ingredient in mother's milk which is what most of the body's natural immunity comes from. They provide nutritional support to the organs & kidneys especially. These again she gets 1 each with breakfast & 1 each with dinner. Duffy is also becoming much better with the pilling....not too much pill spitting anymore but she needs to stop trying to bite my finger while I shove the pill down her throat

I've added Lamb to her Chicken & Beef menu, can try her on a fourth meat this week - variety is the spice of life or so they say

I can't wait to see the test results in early march & see what the blood & urine work reveals
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