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If this is the liquid and/or gel that is supposed to keep dog's teeth clean, I have seen it and read about it - on the I-Dog forum I think. The lady who boards are Eskie told me about it - was going to check up on it herself - they sell it at Global in Toronto - it is behind the cash so that staff has to get it for you. There are 2 brands - one can be used on humans - and apparently one of the Global owners uses it - doesn't taste good. Apparently the straight dog version doesn't either. From the reviews I read, the company still suggests that you brush the product on to the teeth - and the reviewer had the same problem I do - the dog won't allow the toothbrush in his mouth unless the product tastes good - and if it does, won't let go and if product tastes awful, forget it to begin with. Then there is the gel formulation that isn't supposed to require as much brushing but doesn't taste so hot either. The stuff is pretty strong apparently. I decided to pass and have decided that my dog will most likely need yearly cleanings. He had his 3 year 8 month old teeth cleaned Oct. 17 - excellent teeth, just prone to tartar and breath started to smell bad. On Jan. 5 he had his KC shot and vet said she could see tartar forming again - but also told me that she had her teeth cleaned 3 weeks ago and tartar was back. No matter what our Eskie chews - and Eskies are major chewers he just doesn't "hit" the side top and bottom teeth -no doubt due to face shape. I did buy the poultry toothpaste which he loves but tried to swallow the toothbrush. Then I bought the Dental Kong - he licks the toothpaste from it - no chewing. I smeared some on his favourite chew toy - again just licked it off. I bought dental wipes - he sort of allows me to rub at his teeth but I have to really hold on to the wipe so that he doesn't swallow it - Eskies love anything papery - I also have the rubber finger for toothpaste - what happens is that my finger with the toothpaste is held in his mouth - doesn't bite me but doesn't want to let go in case he doesn't get any more. The "glove" is my last option - vet is getting more in. But bottom line is nothing seems to work. I was given a sample of Wysong - the stuff that looks like parmesan that you sprinkle on food. This left a film on his teeth so he immediately drank a ton of water. I won't add anything to his drinking water. The lady who told me about PetzLife has decided against using it as well. In the meantime, my Eskie has the cleanest tongue in town.
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