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Cat Loosing Weight


My Husband And I Moved Almost Two Months Ago, At Least Two Hours From Our Home Town. We Have Two Cats. They Both Seem To Be Adjusting To Their New Home Well, But Our Oldest Cat Of Almost 9 Years Has Lost A Lot Of Weight I Have Noticed Some Black Stuff On Her Chin, But I've Not Seen Any Bad Teeth. I Never See Her Eat, Even Though She's Uses The Cat Litter Box Almost Four Or Five Times A Day. Not Too Long Ago, We Took Her To The Vet, Because She Has The Habit Of Rubbing Her Bottom On The Rug Or Floor After Using The Cat Litter Box. Anyway, She Had Rubbed It So Raw, That It Began To Bleed, So We Were Told To Treat It, Which We Did. The Problem Did Correct Itself, But It Worries Me She Is Loosing Weight.

Do You Think That Perhaps She Is Lonely? Do You Think She Is Perhaps Not Happy? She's Almost Skin And Bones. I've Recently Brought Her Some Soft Food In Case She's Having Dental Problems. We Don't Have The Money To Take Her To The Vet And I Have Consider Force Feeding Her, But Don't Know If This Is Best And If It Is, How To Best Do It.

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