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You guys are too funny.

Poor Ridge doesn't have much of a head, Frenchy. Anything that fits around her neck, she can pull over her head! We used it last night when she wanted to scratch and discovered this little flaw in her physique... It didn't keep the others from licking, either

Originally Posted by jessi76 View Post
dip her tail in peanut butter or bacon drippings? that'll keep the others away from her face at least... (just kidding of course!)

poor baby - hugs to her! Hope she's on the mend real soon!
This idea actually has merit! But she'd be defending her tail from everyone else so she could lick it!

Originally Posted by luckypenny View Post
Tether the rest of the pack to Dad and ask him to stay away from you and Ridge?

Big hugs to Ridge. Hope she heals quick and itchlessly .
When he gets back from work, we're gonna try this one!

Originally Posted by Ford Girl View Post
It's hard on eveyrone when one of the pack is down and you think the other dogs sense it, and that's why they want to clean it for her? to all!!!
Either that or they just like goop! Sigh... But they're getting a little better. I think the novelty has worn off. Or it might be that some of the lumps have broken open and now are oozing pus. My poor baby :sad:

Originally Posted by CearaQC View Post
Awwww look at those gorgeous eyes!! Could stare into those eyes forever.

Poor Ridge... hope she gets better real fast.

I guess it's in a bad place to bandage isn't it? Or does that condition do better being able to "breathe?"

That kinda stuff doesn't bother me. Have played nurse and midwife for lots of animals through the years, wildlife, family pets and friends' pets. If I lived closer I would help ya so you wouldn't be so woozy.
Thanks, Ceara! Yep...better to let it ooze...gotta keep it open. But despite the drainage, it does seem to look a little better this afternoon--not as bloody and swollen. Drainage is good, I hope Macie had demodectic mange when she first came here but there was never anything as bad as this...
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