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i have refused to read the last few Wheel Of Time books. when they get finished, THEN i will pick them up again but dang it!!! im not getting into a series of books that doesnt end!

Vows And Honor is just a part of the Valdemar series, somewhere in the middle if im not mistaken. its the kind of series that caters to an animal lovers 'peace love and happiness'. Lackey has an amazing way of expressing the human love for their companions. V&H probably least showcases what the series is about LOL!! i woudl say she is very human and animal rights oriented in explanation for understanding.

i think i read the Green Rider series a while ago.... its tickling my brain somewhere but not really lighting up the light bulb if you know what i mean.

the Pern books were amazing too but got too big for me to sort out which ones i read as a kid and which ones i read as an adult and which ones i havent read LOL!! im sure when money is plentiful i will start working on my fantasy hard cover book collection starting with most of the authors mentioned here.

anyone else read any of the Michale Moorcock books?? very depressing, very unusual. i was a little bummed they rereleased them so out of order??? im not sure WHAT they did with the new books but it seems like they arent in the same format as the old ones. i read a handful of my moms from HER youth and found it hard to adjust to the new books.

Dragon Prince and Star Scroll etc were soem of my favorite books!! still didnt beat E. Haydons series though!! i almost wouldnt bother with the 2nd trilogy of hers though. i was really really disappointed with them. the first trilogy was stunningly amazing, i havent found another series of books as well written as those 3 BUT the following books were garbage IMHO.

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