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Just some new pics (load warning)

I got a new camera so I've been taking a lot of pictures. The fish forum seems kind of inactive lately so I thought I would share

Snail with a sponge growing on it. Kind of strange. I dunno if this guy is still alive or not since we've been messing with the tank lately (90g, hubby wants to convert it to a reef), or maybe the sponge just fell off of him? He only comes out in the dark mostly anyway.

Our baby grouper is really shy.

This guy grows quick, he's gonna have to go in a 300g soon

with his fellow tankmate

One of my corycats

And my female bristlenose pleco

Kind of mean...he made my husband bleed one day...we love him anyway, lol
(Red devil cichlid)

This is a hybrid of a convict cichlid and something else. We use them to breed feeders, this is one of the females.

Marbled headstander

Plain old green sunfish. One of my faves though.

Ok, I better start a new thread before I kill someones computer, lol.
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