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Smile We have a Cocker Spaniel

We have a cocker spaniel who has only had problems with ear infection before she came to live with us. At 5 months she had only eaten a popular commercial brand of food and always had terribly infected ears.

First thing we did was get her a good ear cleaning at a groomer. On the way home we picked up Colloidal Silver and gave her a 7 day treatment (the bottel calls for 14 days but there was no need in her case). We gave her this treatment orally for 7 days and cleaned her ears religiously.

At the same time we switched her food to a Fresh Raw diet.

She has NEVER had any troubles with her ears the past 3 months I have only cleaned her ears once and only because I wanted to freshen her up...Her ears are clean as a whistle and free of infection.

Hope this helps! Good luck!
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