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So our recheck was great YAY!!

No tests today we've scheduled those for 6 weeks ~ early March ~ that way it will be 3 months on the supplements & raw - that amount of time shows a better view of how it's working. This is also when her reg vet wanted her to be retested.

When he did the pressure points again, he had to press quite hard to get her to react to the point over her kidneys -> this means they are not as bad as before

The pressure points for her stomach/intestine areas also took awhile/more pressure than before for her to growl - the supplements & raw are helping to clear up the sensitivity/digestion issues as fact he said that today it was because she ate too much she not affectionately called "piglet" for nothing

Her heart still sounds great & very strong

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pressure points along the spine she was fine with all this until he got to the kidney area & she growled, then again but not as much @ the stomach area - her body physically expressing there are definate issues with those two areas

He was impressed with her heart condition since alot of cats with, or who had in Duffy's case, HyperT develop cardiac issues - the HyperT often leading to or having @ the same time CRF.

He also mentioned she has very tense muscles in these energy-blocked areas as well - suggested both physical & needle therapy - something similar to acupuncture - this I will need to wait a bit on - Dec coming up & @ work it's extremely busy..............Releasing the deep muscle tension will also release some of the blocked energy.
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The other thing I got her was a Cat Zoom Groom by Kong for a nice massage after dinner, she's always loved being combed but this she LOVES
The zoom groom was suggested by the homeopath @ the 1st appt, he was sold out so I didn't get it there but picked it up @ the local supply store. Dr was very impressed with how well this has help the muscles that were previously very very tense - to the point of recommending needle therapy with the clinic physical therapist. Now he says she doesn't need the intra-muscle therapy. Just keep up with the zoom groom

He also hand scaled her teeth (while she was awake) she behaved very well during that too - no way the reg clinic vet would've gotten the same reaction & she bites & claws me for checking her teeth. A conventional vet will not do this w/out anaethesia & a specific dental appt. It's a shame because so many organs are affected by bad teeth/bacteria in the mouth.

When he did the scaling she had 1 tooth which she reacted to pressure beside by "silent chattering" because it hurt. She has a cavity in that tooth, the question is how deep & how affected is the root/nerve system. She will need xrays to see the extend of damage. This is quite likely the reason she has been a bit drooly the past couple of months :sad: cuz it hurts. With the tarter off her teeth it will help to ease the pressure in the mouth. I know I must start & keep up w/the brushing which I have been lazy about

We will wait to check the kidney values before discussing options with the tooth because putting a CRF cat under anaethesia can be very risky, and we need to make sure the kidneys are stabilized before proceeding.
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