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A wee's been 4 weeks on supplements & she into the 3rd week on raw food.

After the first week on the supplements she definately felt better than she was before - more perky etc

She loves the raw, started with chicken - easiest to digest 2 weeks of straight chicken & this week added beef so she'll get that 1x per week for a bit then I can maybe up it to 2x. Can add a 3rd meat next week.

The other thing I got her was a Cat Zoom Groom by Kong for a nice massage after dinner, she's always loved being combed but this she LOVES

Speaking of treats if you need to encourage your cat to eat Kitty Kaviar is the thing to try!!! Affectionately known as Kitty Krack it can be put on top of their dinner w/no spacey kitty catnip buzz Duffy has never liked any of the junkfood cat treats but this she LOVES

Recheck appt w/homeopath on the 28th & picking up a refill of supplements, not sure if he will retest her bloodwork but I am curious to see what the results would be after 1 month of holistic supplements & raw food

I'll update after the appt.
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