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Originally Posted by satchelp View Post
Definitely take him to a vet for an opinion. Could be nothing much, but he may not be digesting his food properly, leading to a nutritional deficiency, and causing the poop-eating.
We took him off the Oatmeal/Lamb based dog food and it helped for about 48 hours, he seems HUNGRY almost vicsiously hungry, and will eat until he explodes seems to not know when enough is enough, then the pooh in HUGe amounts for a 6lb puppy. I will take him to vet, she has seen him several times and tell me he is healthy w/ a beautiful shiny thick coat, great teeth and skin. I have never had a dog so difficult. Right now he is leashed to me 24/7 because if he gets loose he makes messes everywhere and he even peed on me just jumped up onto me and whizzed all over me, has done it to me while standing still, and yet he goes when he goes out to his potty area, and no he does not have a urinary tract infection. Although he got treated 2x's for that a few weeks back. But his bowel movement issues are not from an inbalanced GI tract.
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