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wdawson - Love how maggie keeps you warm while you type!
Phoozles - Nice kitty dressup pics
Busterboo - awwww so cute - Love how the hat is too big in shot #2
Byrd - Willow - doesn't look happy...but it's all good IMO - it's part of the price our pets have to pay for receiving all our love.
shredy - Love the first shot where Chloe looks like a sleepy santa
Sarah - Soo cute love the fur on Spoutnik. Really cute shots
TeriM - Love the sleepy doogers and the last shot is super-cute! Nice!
Mika140 - Give kitty an inch and kiity will pull down the whole tree - cute pic.
luckypenny - very nice doog shots. They really know how to pose.
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