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Another litter box question...

OK, my turn to ask a question.

We have a very nice adult male cat. He is generally a house cat, but we are rural and he does go outside. His litter box has been in the basement and he has always been good about using it. However, we've done some remodelling and I've moved his litter box upstairs to a safe (ie safe from the cat poo eating dog) place. It's not near his food.

The problem is, he won't use it. Now he meows incessantly to get into the basement, or outside & this is often at 3 am. I'm thankful he doesn't pee on the rugs! But I would like him to use the box in its new location. After he eats, or when he meows, I take him over to it but he won't use it.

Any ideas on how to encourage him to go there?
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