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Oh my - I don't know if I can narrw it to 5 but I;; try.

Love Story - first movie I ever bought, both as a VHS and a DVD

That Darn Cat - original

Homeward Bound tho I prefer the book -The Incredible Journey (original. not the new one)

(Not the 2nd two have Siamese cats in them)

You'e Got Mail

Reds - tho it veers off from some of the reality

Exodus even if the book is also not accurate historically.

(I like old fashioned movies to be honest and feel good ones. I also like historical or biographical ones)

Offtopic, I was very disappointed with the movie about Black September (forget the name of the movie) since it too left out way too much and if one had not lived through that and knew some things, I do think you'd miss some of the point. you'd get the them, yes but it misses some key areas. More Golda would have been good. I lived on a kibbutz in Israel not too long after this plan had been hatched and so for me, it's possible that this movie never can be made into two hours.
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