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RUBBISH Chico!! You'll live to be 90+ and in great shape, just like my neighbor across the street. At 92 she still lives at home (alone) and walks up and down her driveway every day - except now with the snow and ice, no need to tempt the devil and risk breaking something!

I googled the turkey and came up with 12-16 lbs turkey = 4-5½ hours, so it's in the oven and smelling nice already. I got a butterball, defrosted it and stuffed it with ground veal/apricot/raisins/pine nuts. No MSG or I'll be tomorrow!

Presents are under the tree, since they've moved my Christmas, might as well do the whole thing. But the "ribbe" is for tomorrow night, with the "surkål" and gravy and potatoes don't have any aquavit though, oh well.
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