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Puppy excessive bowel movements

I have a 14 week Schipperke male who is happy healthy alert and over active. All shots de-wormed, does not sleep much and has bowel movements all day and night, eats his, vomits it up and re eats as well as any other fecal matter he can ingest. Feed very top quality (not supermarket) dry food 3x's day recommended amount for age and weight.
Is crated during day but I come home for lunch to get him out. I leave home @ 7AM come in @ noon for lunch and return @ 3:30 so he does not pooh in crate but get up all night 1AM and 4AM to crap, he goes 6 times from 4-8:30. I take him for walks @ park and he gets lots of excercise. I do not feed table food or excessive treats or any raw hide. He goes @ 6:30 every morning and I am worn out. He started out 2 8 weeks being normal and now it is escelating into a real problem. He backs up to my walls and pushed his butt on it and poohs or he also loves to go on a long wall mirror and sometimes tries to eat it as it comes out. Help its not funny I am frustrated and not new to raising a puppy, but he is nuts. I have no children and he is not gettinginto anything.
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