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New kitten

Advice needed please. I recently acquired a stray kitten (3 mos old) I found in my back yard. I have 4 Mini Schnauzers as well. My vet did necessary bloodwork/shots to make sure it was healthy. It is. My experience is limited to dog training. I tried to find this kitten a home but my husband likes it. The dogs like her as well. I am the hold-out but gave in to the masses. We have an automated litter box that Katzen will use if I lock her in the utility room at night. She has a crate, water, and we've been feeding her near the litter box so she gets the "hang of it". I live in a 2 story home and it's designed so that "sectioning off" various rooms is almost impossible. My problem is that I have been finding "kitty mistakes". My males will mark on "kitty mistakes". I've been trying to train the way I've trained my show dogs, ie letting her out after a nap, after eating, after play, etc...
Can someone give me some advice as to how to get this kitten to use the litter box ALL the time? She does not get run of the house all night and I try to monitor her during the day. I am frustrated now to the point of giving her to our local "no kill" shelter. Any advice? Thank you.
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