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Bird then and now

The change in him is just spectacular. When I snatched him off my balcony last winter, thin as a rail, sparse coat, smelly enough to need an instant bath, suffering from a severe bladder infection, there was no sign of the beautiful cat he has become.
I think he had a terrible start - was probably abused and fed irregularly, then turfed to fend for himself. Or got the hell out. His behaviour around food is so strange. He will sit apart from the others as if he had no interest in eating and when you put his plate down, you have to literally encourage him to eat, as if he expects it to be snatched away. Once he gets going, however, there is no problem with his appetite!
He only just recently started to ask for affection.
He has learned to live with the other cats and enjoys a wrestle, although his aggression sometimes gets out of hand and he is not above taking a run at the shyer ones. We're working on it.
I'm so glad I found him. I think he would make a wonderful 'only child', only because the more loving attention he gets, the better.
Don't know about dogs. Probably OK.
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