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ok in the basic chemical sense all youghurt comes from natural processes, but they add color, preservatives, flavor and sugars to many youghurts, im not saying they are bad, but a good natural brand is great and has no sugar or preservatives, which is ideal and has many culture for gut flora, yuckult (yuck dont you love the spelling ewww) has similar cultures for gut flora.

by natural i mean products that are preservative free with lots of natural cultures in them. i dont know any brands over there but over here we have 'valia' and 'jalna' to name two natural youghurts, perhaps online you could find names of the similar products, have a good look at the brands in your dairy isle at the supermarket, read the labels and i pretty much guarentee you will find one you like, just look for cultures such as those mentioned above, most products with these cultures in them are good and most dairy companies are starting to make such dairy products...

no diane, you are not a bad mum, dont say that, a teaspoon or tbl spoon of low fat non sweetened youghurt sounds pretty healthy to me. i sure would give it to my girl.

but if you dont eat lots of youghurt i dont see the reason for the extra expense of buying it for a dog, and i would give them whatever i used in that situation. it isnt like a dog will eat a litre in a week so when it comes down to the nuts and bolts of it i doubt it really makes too much difference what youghurt you use.

realistically no youghurt in small amounts should hurt them, but if you want to eat natural youghurts you may as well give it to the dog too.

although there is no way i will share my special chocolate youghurt i get occassionally with her, sheesh i have to draw the line somewhere (but of course i let her lick the lid when i open it) and i make myself feel better by telling myself chocolate is bad for her so i am doing her a favor, yeah right .
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