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Bears Mom says thanks to everyone!

I think I need to make this posting and thank all the kind people on this forum that supported me during the loss of my Bear. I have to be honest...the tears still don't stop. I know many of you know the feeling of getting up in the morning and looking for him or getting his feed ready..every time I hear a dog bark..I think I better go let him's been rough, and thanks to everyone, I'm not sure I'm ready for another pet..when I lost my cat of 18 years I said I wouldn't get another cat..and I haven't..someday I might but we still had Bear and I wanted him to have all my love..right till the end. If that makes any sense! This place has been great all your words have been so thoughtful! My kids took it well, they knew it was his time and were more worried about how I would take it. I have his ashes being prepared in a couple of weeks and will keep him with me forever. Thanks for the messages and I'll keep checking in...maybe someday I'll have a another family member to share with you all!
Thanks for all the best wishes and hugs I really needed them!
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