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Old September 14th, 2004, 05:56 PM
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I'll have to check out the Performatrin Ultra next time I'm in a Pet Valu. That is their house brand food but I'm not familiar with the Ultra. Pet Valu is not my favourite environment but that's another story. I would be glad to see them offer a house brand food with some quality. For now I'll be sticking to Nutro. As for canned, the only one I would buy (did buy) is Canidae (spelled right???). They make awesome food and I would feed the dry, but like the Wellness, its too expensive to feed the crew. Find out who actually manufactures the food you buy. Menu Foods manufactures I think 90% of all canned house brand food and they have been know for animal testing in a not so nice way.
I've also heard CSFPLS is great stuff, never checked it out as it isn't sold where I shop. Sometime I'll see it and check out the ingredients.
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