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Originally Posted by Ford Girl View Post
If YOU are consistant, it won't take long for your dog to figure out you are in charge of the walk and what is expected of it, but you will need to walk this way all the time...they know the minute you ease up on your expectations.

I would keep the leash walking to a training session where you focus on how she should be walking seperate from your explorations walks so you don't confuse your pup.

What I do is a leash walk for a long while, then I end the walk in an off leash field, her reward for the nice leash walk is a romp in the field with the tennis ball I had on me the whole time.
Oh good that's sort of what I've been doing, keeping work and play separate so she doesn't get confused. Plus we both enjoy our fun trail walks so I would hate to see that spoiled (for both of us) by turning it into exclusive training time. Also I don't want to overwhelm her with training, after all she's only 3.5 months and it's obviously so new to her.
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