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Hi Sola Mio,

We used the "choke chain" on our dog because this is the method that was used at the training school we went to. I too was very hesitant with this method because I thought it was way too severe.

Our trainer reassured us that it would not hurt our dog. If using this method a trainer should teach you how to do it. It's a very gentle tug not ripping his head off.

Thankfully our pup caught on quickly and I've never used it anymore. It's somewhere in the house but I haven't seen it in ages :-)

I was very IGNORANT when it came to training as this was my 1st dog and although my husband had dogs all his life never brought them to school. So this was new for us. Now that I know there are other ways I would not go back to this method.

By the way, are you from Montreal??


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