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well just thought i would put in my thoughts..i would say get the martingale for now and have the leash around your waist and attched to just the martingale and we she gets ahead or starts going off a direction she isnt supposed to either stop dead in your tracks and dogs move untill she sit close enough to you for there to be slack in the leash or just go the total opposite direction. when she is about 7 months ( i know she isnt 7 months yet, i think 3. 5 months is a little to young for one) i think she would be fine to wear a head halter ( i use a gentle leader head halter) dont become dependent on it, when she is walking at a good heel try leaving the head halter on he but attaching the clip of the leash to her collar, that way you can eventually have her not wear a head halter but still be at a dependent heel, i hope this helps and good luck!
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