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I have tried to discuss food with my vet and she has no really good knowledge other than she promotes the Hills...Thats because they tell her what to sell?? When I came asking questions she could not answer..she would make up stupid day and the next was different..

I put my dog on Orijen and took him off Hills...she reviewed the food and thought it was fantastic even asked me if she could keep the papers I gave her on the food! BUT I had to make sure he had his liver tested to be sure he could process the higher protein food...did the test...came back perfect...I keep on with the food which has been great by the way! Few months later I see her about something and mention the food again and she freaks out saying it was not good food that Hills was much better quality blah! blah! blah! My point is they dont know,,,they may have some idea of what has worked for some animals over the years but their knowledge of food and ingrediants is usually not always! up to date.

If you take the time to compare ingrediant lists of a few brands of food you will see there is a big difference...Look at where the meat is in the list of Hills and then go look at another bag of good quality kibble there is a difference!
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