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Back from the pet supply store

There wasn't enormous selection at the store, as I mentioned earlier. The owner of the store recommended the martingale collar (part material, part chain) as did my trainer. I also bought a 3-in-1 harness for in the car and walking, it hooks in as a seatbelt sort of thing. It doesn't fit Sola yet but should when she's a bit bigger. I figure if it doesn't work as a walking harness it can still be used in the car

I'm hesitant about the halti until she's a bit bigger as a few posters have mentioned, in case of injury. She's pretty inquisitive and darts around like any puppy.

I'm still a bit sketchy on the martingale and will read up on how to use it properly. The trainer who suggested it does have a great deal of experience (she has bred german shepherds and english springer spaniels for literally decades) so I don't want to discredit her advice... But I want to make sure I'm not hurting Sola of course. I will also try this in combination with the altering direction technique which was used in my puppy class this week.

Off topic--- she is also being socialized in this class, her new friend is a little cockapoo named Winston The dogs couldn't look more different.

Wish me luck! I need it!
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