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Originally Posted by Mocha's mum View Post
YIKES!!! I've been reading this thread for a half hour, looking at the websites, and......YIKES!!! How do you decipher the nutrient panel on the dog food? How do you know what is good for your dog?? I have a hard enough time trying to figure out what's good for me to eat, and reading labels on the food that I buy.
I haven't found it here, but in France I used to pick up "animal meat" in the butcher's section at the supermarket. It was all the cut-offs from other people-meats, not too much fat at all even! Cooking that with the "brisures de riz" (broken rice) and some vegetable I had handy, and presto ... home cooked meals for the dogs. Why don't they have that here? I mean, I've LOOKED for it, repeatedly, in the different supermarket chains ... no broken rice, no animal-meat. Why is that?

Misti finally got used to Fancy Feast, after getting a can with pate rather than the pieces. But then the can with pieces went down fast the next day she discovered that dry food isn't everything in life! In addition to raw meat and egg yolks of course
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