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Hi Solamio.. It is hard to know whats best.
I have had a huskey (pulled all the time)
had a rotti mix hardley ever puled
a collie shepard mix did not need a collar at all

an we have Bree bernese small for her breed but pull OMG

I myself do not like the choker collar. with a strong breed they never seem to relize that they have it on!! (their throats are very strong)
I do like the halti unless they learn how to hit just the right spot to make your knee buckle and down you go..Bree learnt that when she was just a year old. most dogs do very well with the halti and never make your knee buckle..I use it with my rotti mix.. but never my huskey. she was the excape artist. It takes some time to get use to it, they can be excape artist, that is why you alway cick the extra clip onto her regular collar..
I have never tried he harness.
i now use a pincher collar with Bree,she has pull my shoulder out one to many times.. and I too am a small women.. with this collar you must find a good trainer to show you how to use it.. it is mandiory. other wise to loose or to tight can injure your pup !!!!!!
If our pup is 3.5 month you said.. I would problay try the halti first.. maybe a martingale. a martinale is like a choker but closes only so much...what ever works for you, and to make the walk more enjoyable...I have tried many different kinds and finially I have found the right one.. ..
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