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I am no expert either but at 3 months I put a martingale collar on Dazy cuz she was a puller and very naughty. She needed constant corrections. Martinagle means half material, half chain. Corrections are not meant to choke them, some dogs will pull until they can't breathe, I had a trainer show me how to use the correction collor, it's quick firm tugs to the side while they are doing the undesirable behavior, almost to snap them out of it, but they are not meant to be held in "choke" position while the dog is pulling at the end of their leash.

Is the pulling while you walk her? I would say learn a good walking technique that incorporates your collar so that if your dog pulls a quick correction can be made. When they are that little - if used properly, eventually the noise the chain makes will snap them out of it without a correction.

It's the same for a pronged collar, a training chin, martinegale - the purpose to put directed pressure on the neck to stop or discourage behavior, it doesn't stop them from pulling at the end of their leash and it will cause damage if not used properly. Barrel chested dogs like yours hold all their power in their chest and neck, once they start pulling and lowering their stance it's hard to get them not to pull.

Are you able to see a trainer to show you how to use your collar? I have never used a haltie or harness.
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