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Choke chain, correction collar vs harness revisited (sorry)

Hi all, I searched for both "choke chains" and "harness" in this forum so I know this is an issue that has already been discussed quite a bit. But I'm still confused.

My trainer strongly suggested that I purchase a correction collar for my 3.5 month old malamute/black lab puppy who is quite a "puller". Sola (pup) didn't seem to react much better using the correction collar (which was a nylon collar just big enough to go over her head, and tightens as she pulls, but can't come off). Is this the same as a "choke chain" other than the material difference (chain vs nylon)?

The reason I'm hesitating on this is a) Sola didn't seem to change her pulling, even though I realize this isn't an immediate thing, but we have tried a few times; b) I'm a pretty inexperienced owner and DO NOT want to hurt my pup, heard about potential tracheal damage etc. She was essentially choking herself last night, and I really didn't like it.

I'm wondering if harness training is just as effective? What about a halti (I'm not really sure what this is). I'm a pretty small woman myself, so I need to be able to control this dog when she is 80+lbs!

Sola listens fairly well already, comes when called (most of the time ) and can obey commands.

Anyway, sorry to breach this topic again... But any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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