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The key is to teach the dog to pee and poop on command.

First off get a notebook and jot down EXACTLY where, when and how often the dog naturally pees and poops. Most dogs urinate and defecate according to some kind of pattern though the pattern may or might not be regular. Some dogs do not like certain surfaces and sometimes owners take the dogs out too often to do their business.

After a few days to a week of note taking you should now be able to anticipate when the dog will poo or pee. Bring an extra tasty treat along with you on your walk. We're talking SUPER tasty.

Start with the pee command first, and WHILE the dog is urinating say the dog's name then "pee pee" or anything else you choose. THIS is now the word to say each time the dog is in the middle of urinating. IMMEDIATELY after the dog has finished, give the dog the food treat and lavish praise while saying good dog.

Follow this proceedure for about one week then see if you can get the dog to pee by YOU giving the pee command before he goes but at a time when he usually would pee anyway. Again reward with food and lavish praise. If it doesn't work then refollow the advice above.

Once the dog has mastered the pee command use the exact same technique but choose a very different sounding word for the poo command.

Be patient, this training exercise is worth it, especially with our cold winters coming.

Good luck,

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