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This dog needs a job to channel his energy to do good. It sounds like the dog wants attention and that's why he is doing this. What you want to do is give the dog attention when he's doing something good.

When the dog jumps up, it is a self rewarding behaviour. Don't add to it by showing attention in any no petting or eye contact. Turn around and fold your arms. Tell others to do the same. Train the dog to sit and give him a strong reward (food, toys, whatever works for him) so that he sits every time. When he is about to jump use the sit command and reward him. He can't jump if he's sitting. This dog needs to be refocused every time he tries to jump up.

This dog is a bit too old and probably too bullish for puppy obedience class. Enroll him in an adult or adolescent obedience class where the extra distractions in the class are great teaching tools to get the dog to listen and respect you no matter what's going on. Find a scool that teaches motivational techniques- not physical corrections for bad behaviour.

When you are outdoors you can use a head halter to control sudden jumping.

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