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Hang in There

Hi Sky,

Perhaps Aussies have a predisposition to nasal cancer, although the only recorded incidents I could find were for German Shepherds.

I love this breed, and my second adopted dog is an aussie as well, a sable merle (blue merle with a red gene=blue undercoat and apricot/copper on top).

My first aussie was about 10 when this happened to her, and there was no bleeding. Just a non-healing scabby nose and an acidic nasal discharge. I have to say, she didn't seem to be in extra-ordinary pain, just increasingly weak from lack of food. She went from 55 lbs to 35 lbs at the time of her death. I'm glad she was a bit overweight when this happened-it gave her a reserve to draw from while we were trying to find a cure.

I know this situation is heartbreaking. Cherish the time you have with her; some days will be better than others. Spend as much cuddle time together as possible. You may want to take her to a homeopathic vet who may have a different approach. If recovery does not happen, I hope that she will pass peacefully on her own.

Again, feel free to share/vent. We're here for you.


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