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Thanks for your kind warning. I've been afraid of that very thing happening; coming home from work to find my poor dog in a puddle of blood. I'm sorry about your Pricilla. It is horrible watching them go through this and feeling so helpless. My dog does not really seem to be in any pain either but the constant conjestion and drainage must be miserable and is making breathing more difficult. She does not seem to have any appetite right now and I've just about run out of ideas for hiding pills. I'm going to try some injectables tomorrow.

I was told the same thing about biopsying. I deciced the same as you. Why put an animal through that only to confirm what we basically already know.

I have hoped beyond hope that it was only a blade of grass/foreign body but seems like everything points to worse things.

Thank you for your kind words. The truth of what I may be facing is appreciated as I can't seem to find any answers elsewhere. It is a comfort to share with this forum. Thank you again.
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