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Well as far as I'm concerned I feel the same as almost everyone else. The pit bull takes the bad rap for every breed out there. Yes I do understand some are made aggressive which whoever said when the dog was put down the human who did that to that innocent animal should be also was so right. Or better yet put him in the pit to fight the pit bull. I know that might offend some people but here in Fl. there is a small county called St. Johns and from now on whenever animal control picks one up they will never go up for adoption even if they are not aggressive they will be put down if the owner doesn't come in to claim him/her. You can probably walk into any animal shelter and the majority of those animals are either full pits or mixed with pit. In the area I live this one guy in the next neighbor hood has 2 pits. He has a total of 4 dogs and all those dogs are always chained. There are a few others that do the same with their dogs and it makes me sick. There is a wonderfuld site called which relates to a chained dog 24/7 or a caged dog. Why have them??? I guess I'm a bad one to even talk on this subject just because I feel this breed of dog is doomed from the day it's born.

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