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Exclamation unused antibiotics

I adopted a kitten today that has a stuffy nose, so I'm trying to figure out if he needs a vet. I have no idea if his behavior is different than usual. I did want to express how important it is to give yourself or your cat every last antibiotic in the bottle that is prescribed. We want to be sure and kill off all of the offending buggies, if we don't, you or the cat can continure to have an infection, as well, the little buggies will start adapting so that they will eventually have an immunity to our antibiotics. Ever heard of MRSA? If not, google it. It's serious.

Just a friendly reminder from one who works in the medical field.

I suppose I will probably get my new kitty to the vet this week. Unless he doesn't eat or drink, and then sooner.

Thanks for read'n,

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