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Hi There,

I am so sorry to hear your pet has a similar condition. My vet could never determine what the cause of death was, and that was the worst part. In retrospect, I think she suffered a massive immune deficiency disorder of some kind. I have since adopted another dog and I am very careful about what chemicals she is exposed to-no insecticide on the lawn, no routine oral flea/tick medication, topical flea medication in the summer (if necessary), I feed her grain free food, I don't have her vaccinated every year, and to keep her immune system strong I give her powdered collostrum with some yogurt.

My dog started with a runny nose in October 2002, and by December 2002 she was on death's door. She developed a scabby nose that simply wouldn't heal. Our vet conducted a nasal irrigation but there were no abnormal cells. We had her on antibiotics and steroids, and she still lost her appetite. I was unable to get her to eat, and force feeding was useless. In January 2003 she passed away naturally. I think she hung on one extra month for me. When I realized that it was a loosing battle in December I focused on making her as comfortable as possible, and when I told her it was ok to let go on January 24th, she passed away that day. I wish the vet would have been more progressive and suggested pain management measures for her. If this should ever happen to me again I will insist on it.

Feel free to ask questions.



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