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The homeopathic vet visit went real well alot of discussion about her overall health & lifestyle, did a physical exam including pressure points along the spine she was fine with all this until he got to the kidney area & she growled, then again but not as much @ the stomach area - her body physically expressing there are definate issues with those two areas, he expressed her anal glands - a depositing place for bodily toxins ~ so everyone reading this should definately have their cat/dogs glands checked next visit & expressed to remove toxins & prevent impaction.

He was impressed with her heart condition since alot of cats with, or who had in Duffy's case, HyperT develop cardiac issues - the HyperT often leading to or having @ the same time CRF.

He also mentioned she has very tense muscles in these energy-blocked areas as well - suggested both physical & needle therapy - something similar to acupuncture - this I will need to wait a bit on - Dec coming up & @ work it's extremely busy (6 day work weeks for the whole month) I can do muscle massages at home I can use some of the techniques taught by the PT I took my Cally to. Releasing the deep muscle tension will also release some of the blocked energy.

Raw feeding was also discussed - something I have been mulling over for about a week - phos levels are lower than the canned she's on now. He is also against the conventional low protein theory as am I, which is one reason I will not switch to the prescription food.

I was given a single dose remedy to start her with then she has 2 supplements to take twice a day crushed in her food plus probiotics.

We are supposed to do a recheck in 3 weeks - of course that puts it in the middle of the busiest work month for me - so I may need to just do a phone consult for then & book for Jan recheck roughly 5-6 weeks later we'll see how it goes

this helps & shows great improvement in her BUN & Creatinine levels
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