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Thank you for all your suggestions. I'm not sure how to reply to several quotes so I'll do it this way.

<<Could it be "Canidae"? >>

That could be it! I've compared the brands I've used on the net but there's so many I don't know all the names. I just tried looking for a comparison chart but they seem to be done by companies that are selling "their brand" and they compare it to mostly crappie brands. Great idea though!

>>Are you sure it's a yeast infection for sure? >>

It's a simple test the vet does and it's positively yeast. He get's a quarter tab of Prednisone every second day and when I try to leave it till the third day he starts scratching again.

>>Have you tried cleaning and drying the folds in his skin every day?>>

When he eats/drinks we pat him dry with a paper towel, not a tea towel, obviously not when we're not home. I've tried everything from washing him a couple times a day with Selsun Blue Shampoo and using Gold Bond powder, tried Tinactin and a Calendula salve, I couldn't find the cream. They were all things suggested to try but he's allergic to something he's eating so yeast is a continuous problem. I'm most grateful he'll get in the tub on his own.

>>There is a product in health food stores called Yeast Busters, would yu consider a natural alternative?>>

Yes, yes, yes! For right now the Ultra has to go. I picked up Natural Balance Pot&Duck. I'll start him on this and it'll give me time to read up on an alternative. Yeast Busters?

Please send links to any info on natural diets. I've tried reading about them before but I could never find a complete diet of how much meat, veggie etc he would need for his weight(135lbs). What supplements would he need? This might sound stupid but can I cook the meat?

I really do appreciate any info. It's at the point I think I have no choice but to cook for him and before I do, I really want to make sure he'll be getting what he needs.
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